Paul Tew

July 5, 2024

At Ditcheat there is a lovely young mare called Dotty
Her early hurdling drove some owners quite potty
She ran in the rain, then the fog, couldn’t see a thing
Back to work went Dotty with the rest of the string

Her groom goes by the name of Megan
With her caring hands Dotty was quite taken
Every morning to Megan she would awaken
Megan’s faith in her ability was unshaken

At Market Rasen Dotty had fun in the sun
Despite her best efforts, no first prize was won
Then to Taunton where she gave it her all
Until a freak accident caused a nasty fall

Back to Taunton, making ground from the rear
Dotty battled hard, beaten a neck, oh so near
Undeterred to Taunton again but it was not to be
Time for a new plan, the team did all agree

Summer jumping and a 280 mile trip to Uttoxeter
Different track and tongue strap new things to consider
Hurdling mistakes ruined Dotty’s chance of being a winner
But the race proved that a win was definitely within her

Next cheekpieces were on as Dotty set off in the lead
Despite a valiant effort she could not stay ahead
Then a year off from racing rest, relaxation and TLC
The return at Worcester, saw a racehorse for all to see

A rainy day at the Abbot saw our Dotty race through her gears
Past the winning line first, showing off those big ears
Into the winners enclosure came Dotty to a big cheer
Smiling faces, everyone’s love for her was all too clear.

Written by:

Paul Tew

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