What is a Racing Syndicate?

If you’re wondering what a horse racing syndicate is and how it works, you’re on the right page.

It’s a group of like-minded individuals who all own a share or multiple shares in one or more
racehorses. Racehorse shares are paid for on a yearly basis, with the option of renewal once the
syndicate year is over.

Old Gold Racing aims to ensure that becoming an owner is a unique experience and that all of our
owners receive a personalised service. Our racehorse syndicate members get to truly feel the
thrill of ownership.

At Old Gold Racing we want you to be able to fully immerse yourself in the overall experience of being
a racehorse syndicate member and racehorse owner. It’s a fantastic way to get involved in owning a
racehorse and to enjoy the excitement of horse racing with friends, family, colleagues and other
like-minded individuals, whilst also benefiting from the all-round entertainment value of owning a

Old Gold Racing strives to ensure that racehorse ownership is an exciting, affordable and, of course,
winnable experience for all our owners.

One of the many superb benefits of becoming a racehorse owner with Old Gold Racing is that you
receive behind the scenes insight into the training methods of 11 times National Hunt Champion Trainer
Paul Nicholls. This is achieved through stable visits and regular video and picture updates which are
emailed through to all owners and (soon) accessible through our web app. Stable visits to Paul’s Ditcheat
base run once per syndicate term.

To take part, all of our syndicate members who choose to be are entered into a ballot with the winners
being drawn at random.

Highlights of the stable visit include meeting Paul Nicholls himself, as well as the team from Old Gold
Racing, and other owners. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, make new friends, enjoy some
food and drink and relax at Ditcheat in style. You’ll be introduced to your horse, where you can show your
love and appreciation through some mints or apple slices, as well as watching a parade of other horses
currently in training. You will enjoy seeing these incredible athletes in a showcase that few are fortunate
enough to witness.

To finish, you’ll have plenty of time to socialise and get to know other owners.

Old Gold Racing syndicate horse owners can also enjoy an owner’s race day experience when they
purchase a share in any of Old Gold Racing’s horses. When the horse is running, owner’s badges, in the
same way as for stable visits, are picked from a hat. Owner’s badges for racing include the entire owners’
paddock experience giving full and exclusive access to owner & trainer areas where you’ll be
entertained and shown around, probably by Ed Seyfried, Old Gold Racing’s CEO, and sometimes, with
Paul Nicholls or assistant trainer Harry Derham.

At the racecourse, you’ll be able to view the race from the finishing post, owner’s box, bar or restaurant
– whichever location heightens the winning thrill the best.

All racehorse owners are entitled to an equal share of your horse’s winnings; the amount you get depends
on the number of shares you own, as well as the total prize money.

On top of these amazing experiences, Old Gold Racing also wants to ensure you will have something
that you can cherish for a lifetime and these include keepsakes and gifts. If you purchase our Old Gold
Racing Gift of Gold package, you will immediately receive a beautifully framed photo of your racehorse
that you can give pride of place within your household. We also have a shop where you can buy
facemasks, jumpers, scarves and much more to show your support for your horse.

An added bonus of being a racehorse syndicate member and owner through Old Gold Racing is our
community feel and the use of our digital platforms. All owners will be added to Facebook owner groups
to get a sense of the community, monitor updates and socialise with each other. At Old Gold Racing we
appreciate how important it is to be able to follow your horse and the racing whenever and wherever
you like. We are currently in the process of releasing a web & mobile app which will enable owners to
“visit the stables”, communicate on posts, see the latest video/pictures of their horses in training and
receive all relevant information regarding up and coming race days.

We pride ourselves on a top-notch racehorse owner service and ensure that all of our owners can fully
immerse themselves in the all-round owner experience without having to worry about a thing.

Our testimonials speak for themselves, check them out here.

Old Gold Racing is changing the way that horse racing syndicates work by offering an unrivaled owner
experience, partnered with an all-embracing digital experience, plus winning horses.

We look forward to welcoming you along for the ride!

Written by Julia Petruzzelli